Top 5 Internet Browsers For Android and iPhone

Let’s see the top 5 best internet browsers and find out which is the safest browser there is. In this article, you’ll check out everything you need to know about internet browsers.

It is essential to choose a good internet browser to access websites and blogs quickly. And, the best internet browser will always be the one that manages to have all the features that meet your needs.

Best Android and iPhone Internet Browsers

It is common to be in doubt about which internet browser to use, especially on mobile. That’s why, below, we’ll show you the five best internet browsers, so you can know a little better about them and install them on your phone, so you can start enjoying all the benefits.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most known and used browsers on the internet, both in the mobile version for mobile and in the desktop version for the computer. This browser has several advantages, one of them is the synchronization between devices so that you can browse your browsing history, no matter which device you are using.

Using Chrome browser, the experience for using other Google services is improved, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Maps, among others. In addition, this browser can load heavy pages and even identifies which sites are safe to enter your personal data.


Safari is a great browser and may be the best choice for Apple users. It promises more economical and efficient power consumption than other browsers. Thus, it is the fastest and recommended for iPhones, Macs, iPads and other branded devices.

This browser has customization options and something that stands out about it is security and privacy. Safari has an anti-tracking system, which generates privacy reports for website conferences and also has password monitoring.

In addition, it has synchronization with different devices with the same Apple ID, which allows the user to keep the configuration made on the iPhone on your MacBook, for example. The only drawback of this browser is that it is only compatible with Apple devices.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is considered one of the fastest browsers. Its big highlight is in relation to speed, associated with low memory consumption and disk usage, even with several tabs open. In addition, this browser also has integration between desktop and mobile versions.

It offers three options of protection levels that can be chosen in the settings and, therefore, it stands out in terms of privacy. This browser also converts heavier, more difficult-to-navigate sites into lighter, faster pages.


Firefox is one of the most popular browsers, along with Google Chrome, which is even one of its main competitors. This browser has very interesting functions, such as blocking videos with auto-play and extensions that add various functionality to the browser.

In Mozilla Firefox you don’t even need to provide the email address to install it and use it, as it is open source, it is not for profit. Including, you can customize it the way the user prefers, without compromising the main performance of this browser.

It is a very flexible browser as it is compatible with most operating systems. Furthermore, it collects little data from its users while browsing, which makes it very secure. Firefox also has available options for spell checker, cookie blocker, reading mode, among others.

Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet is not such a popular browser, but it is already a big standout. This browser is installed on Samsung mobile phones and tablets and can also be installed on other devices through the Play Store. It brings good features and can be a good choice as the main browser on mobile phones.

This browser provides common functions in mobile browsers, but also offers options for privacy control, multimedia playback and screen reading. In addition, Samsung Internet offers the Ultra Data Saving Mode, in order to reduce the consumption of the mobile data allowance and load pages faster.

This Ultra Mode tool compresses the files of each web page and also provides a graphic for the user to have greater control over the consumption by the browser. In it you can customize the menu, block ads and many other functions.

What is the safest browser in 2021?

The safest browser in 2021 is Google Chrome. It is one of the largest browsers in the world and is considered one of the most flexible on the market. A great highlight of this browser is the amount of extensions and plugins it offers users, among them you can find options for text review, content translation, among others.

Chrome is very easy to use, as its interface is simple and extensions can be installed directly from the browser. In fact, this browser is one of the fastest there is. Another highlight of this browser is related to advanced security with encryption and SSL certificate, and the synchronization between devices is also something that deserves to be highlighted.

To give you an idea, this browser has more than 3.5 billion daily searches across the planet, which shows how big it is. Therefore, Google Chrome is considered to be the most secure browser.

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