Google Apps Will Stop Working on Older Android Phones

Google apps will stop working on older Android phones

Although it is not normal, there are users who continue to cling to their old smartphones  because they continue to work properly. Although it seems that Google does not think the same.  According to 9to5google , the company is going to launch a very important policy change so that older mobiles will no longer be able to use Google applications. It … Read more

Windows 11: the Delicate Balance Facing Microsoft

Windows 11

Everything seems to indicate that we will see a new version of Windows before the end of the month since, following tradition, it will hit the market before October. And although Microsoft had announced at the time that Windows 10 was the last version of Windows in history,  the truth is that a lot has changed since 2015, when … Read more

Amazon Puts a Price on Your Data


Amazon is taking a step further in the development of its technologies and is testing a new identification system in its stores that requires having the biometric data of customers in their possession.

Top 5 Internet Browsers For Android and iPhone

Best Internet Browsers For Android and iPhone

Let’s see the top 5 best internet browsers and find out which is the safest browser there is. In this article, you’ll check out everything you need to know about internet browsers. It is essential to choose a good internet browser to access websites and blogs quickly. And, the best internet browser will always be the one … Read more