Amazon Puts a Price on Your Data

Amazon is taking a step further in the development of its technologies and is testing a new identification system in its stores that requires having the biometric data of customers in their possession.

The giant wants to implement a new payment system in its stores called Amazon One. To be able to do it with the palm of our hand, but for this it needs us to give up part of our privacy, in the footprint of our palm.

Upon arriving at the checkout, there would be a system that, without the need to insert the card or mobile, makes the payment corresponding to the purchase. You just have to bring your handprint closer to the scanner.

For the tests to be successful, they need a good number of users willing to submit their data. That is why he offers ten dollars to those who want to do it voluntarily.

Amazon stores already have many technological innovations. Some of them do not have clerks at the checkout and they have smart carts that keep track of the items that are introduced into them.

According to the company, they try to minimize the act of making the purchase and in the future they want people to enter the store and leave with what they need without having to do much more.

There are already payment methods almost as comfortable as Amazon One, such as paying with your mobile phone or credit card. However, some companies try to simplify it much more with biometric data such as fingerprint or facial recognition. 

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