Top 5 Apps to Transform Photos into Drawings

In this article, I will be sharing the top five (5) apps to turn photos into drawings. Also, see how to assemble your free online caricature, learn how to turn photos into pencil sketches, and much more.

Transforming a photo into a drawing is something very easy to be done, in a few steps with the help of some tools and applications you can make a photo become a very nice drawing.

Turn Photos into Drawings

With the help of apps, you can transform photos into drawings, so below we’ll show you a list of 5 apps for you to transform your photos right now:

PicsArt Photo Editor

This is an application that is available for download for Android and iOS phones . Besides being able to transform photos into drawings, it also has other functions, such as embellishment filters, collage creation, stickers, background change and much more.


This app is available on the Play Store and App Store for free. It can transform users’ photos into drawings and also offers other features, such as restoring old photos, etc. However, he has a number of photos that can be edited daily for free.


It has version available for Android and iOS , and it is one of the most popular apps to transform photo into drawing. It has several options for filters that emulate the styles of famous painters, and others that give the appearance of hand-drawn drawings. The good thing is that the intensity of the filters can be changed to suit the person’s taste.

Photo Sketch Maker

This app is available for download on Android phones only . The main purpose of this tool is to turn photos into handmade drawings, and it is free to use and offers in-app purchases.


Varnist can be installed on iOS or Android phones . This app is very similar to Prisma, it offers filters that mimic various established artists, urban art and common elements such as stained glass and mosaics. In it, the user can put how they prefer the contrast and other features and can even share the creation in other places or save.

Create Your Free Online Caricature

There are several websites online that allow users to create their caricature for free. One of them is , this tool has an option to animate the photo in a hilarious way. To use this feature, just click From Disk, choose a photo from your gallery and then check the box labeled Face Morphing.

Turn Photos into Pencil Drawings

Some of the apps we showed above can turn photos into pencil drawings, one of them very famous is Prisma. This application can transform photos into pencil drawings and it looks very beautiful and natural, it really looks like it was made by a person.

In addition, the PhotoFunia website is also able to transform photos into pencil drawings. This site offers several different effects that can be applied to photos, one of these effects is Caricature, where the user’s photo is transformed into a classic caricature, which looks really like a pencil drawing.

To use this feature, just click on the Choose Photo option and choose the file from the cell phone or computer you want, or take a photo on the spot. After doing this, you need to check the box next to Caricaturize and click Go. In Crop, cut the part of the photo and finally choose how you prefer to save the image, if it is in normal size or smaller.

Now that you know the best apps and tools to transform your photos, then take the opportunity to change them to drawings or caricatures, however you prefer.

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