LinkedIn Learning: What Is It & How Does It Work?

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is one of the favorite social network of professionals which offering a platform where you can access numerous online courses and grow your professional skills. LinkedIn is a social network for professionals, which allows you to increase contacts and foster interpersonal relationships between professionals. On this platform you can look for work, make calls, create … Read more

Loom – The Best Free & Fast Screen Recorder

Loom is The Best Free & Fast Screen Recorder

From your browser or from your desktop. You choose what you want to record and that’s it. You should not worry about the technical part. That’s Loom. To record videos from your desktop, the only solution until recently was Camtasia , the professional tool that allows you to record, edit, add audio and assemble high-quality … Read more

FreshBooks Review: The Best Cloud Based Accounting Software

FreshBooks Review : Best Cloud Based Accounting Software

FreshBooks, the famous English-speaking accounting software, is coming to France (in beta version for now). More than an accounting management software, it also allows you to manage your company’s invoicing and time management. Here is our opinion on the FreshBooks software. FreshBooks started their journey as an invoicing solution. Over the years, its reach has broadened and … Read more