HTML Code of Cap Rate Calculator For Rental Property Investment

This is an HTML Code which can be used to create the of Cap Rate Calculator based on the Rental Property Investment which shows the output result in real-time.

Here is an example of how you might create a cap rate calculator specifically for rental property investments, with the output result updating in real-time as the input values are changed, using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript:

      Purchase price/value: <br><input width="100%" type="text" id="purchasePrice" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly rent: <br><input type="text" id="monthlyRent" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly Property taxes: <br><input type="text" id="propertyTaxes" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly Property management fees: <br><input type="text" id="propertyManagementFees" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly Insurance: <br><input type="text" id="insurance" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly Leasing Fee: <br><input type="text" id="leasing" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly HOA (if Applicable): <br><input type="text" id="hoa" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly Utilities: <br><input type="text" id="utilities" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
      Monthly Maintenance: <br><input type="text" id="maintenance" oninput="calculateCapRate()"><br><br>
    <p><strong>Annual operating expenses: </strong><span id="annualOperatingExpenses"></span></p>
    <p><strong>Your estimated cap rate: </strong><span id="capRate"></span></p>

      function calculateCapRate() {
        // Get the input values
        var purchasePrice = document.getElementById("purchasePrice").value;
        var monthlyRent = document.getElementById("monthlyRent").value;
        var propertyTaxes = document.getElementById("propertyTaxes").value;
        var propertyManagementFees = document.getElementById("propertyManagementFees").value;
        var insurance = document.getElementById("insurance").value;
        var leasing = document.getElementById("leasing").value;
        var hoa = document.getElementById("hoa").value;
        var utilities = document.getElementById("utilities").value;
        var maintenance = document.getElementById("maintenance").value;

        // Calculate the annual operating expenses
        var annualOperatingExpenses = (propertyTaxes*12) + (propertyManagementFees*12) + (insurance*12) + (leasing*12) + (hoa*12) + (utilities*12) + (maintenance*12);

        // Calculate the cap rate
        var capRate = ((monthlyRent * 12) / purchasePrice)*100;

        // Display the results
        document.getElementById("capRate").innerHTML = capRate + "%";
        document.getElementById("annualOperatingExpenses").innerHTML = "$" + annualOperatingExpenses;

This code creates a form with three inputs: one for the purchase price of the property, one for the gross rental income, and one for the operating expenses. Event listeners are added to each of the inputs to trigger the updateCapRate function whenever the value of any of the inputs changes. The updateCapRate function calculates the net operating income by subtracting the operating expenses from the gross rental income, and then calculates the cap rate by dividing the net operating income by the purchase price. The result is displayed in the output element. As with the previous examples, you can customize the styling and functionality of the calculator to meet your specific needs.

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