What to Do if Something Went Wrong on Google Play Store?

In the past I have written several articles about the Google Play Store problems that hurt many of the users, affecting the experience of downloading both new applications and updates. For this reason, every time I come across a new error I try to document it so that readers know what to do when they find themselves in the same situation!

So, recently I was trying to guide a friend who needed to update an application and, when executing one of the steps mentioned in the article related to the error at the level of Google Play updates , she found a new error! It sounds paradoxical that one mistake leads to another, but that’s how it happened!

Although I could not get out of amazement, since something like this had never happened to me, after researching and consulting several experts about the problem, I found several options, among which the following stand out:

It is important that, before proceeding to do anything, the personal data is backed up to avoid losing any type of information. With the backup ready, you can review the following two options:

Option 1: There are several Google accounts configured and only one should be left until the impasse!

  • Go to the configuration options,
  • Select Google options,
  • Remove the configured Gmail accounts until leaving only one,
  • Subsequently, click on the only Gmail account that was left and go to the Account Services,
  • Go to “Google Contact Sync”,
  • Click on Manage Account,
  • Proceed to deactivate and reactivate the contact synchronization option.

Option 2: There are problems with the data and the Google Play cache!

  • go to Settings,
  • Select the Applications option,
  • Find and click on Google Play Store,
  • Stop operation forcibly
  • Go back to Google Play Store and choose the storage option
  • Click on Clear the data through the option of “Clear Data” and then “Clear Cache Memory”.
  • Go back to the options and see more options (3 dots icon),
  • Select Uninstall updates from Google Play,
  • Go back to the applications and select Google Play Services,
  • Go to storage options
  • Choose the option to “Delete All Data” and click on accept.

If none of the above works, it is best to remove the existing Google account and reconfigure it.

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