How To Make Brown Color From Primary Colors Nicely & Easily


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This step-by-step tutorial is all about the strategy to make brown color using some primary colors.​ In this simple tutorial, I will show you that how to make brown color by mixing some primary colors. Without further waiting, let's go ahead and start making the brown color just right now.

Required Colors To Make Brown Color​

For generating the brown color, you will need to have a color palette with some primary colors followed by Red, Blue & Yellow.

How To Make Brown Color

  • For making the brown color, firstly you've to mix the Yellow color with the blue color as a beginning. Once you're done with that, you will get the green color after mixing those two colors (yellow and blue).
  • Now Mix the green color, you've just created with the red color. It will give you the expected color which is Brown.

As far as I know, It's a very simple and easy procedure to make the brown color within a very short period of time and you guys can do it without having any previous experiences.

How To Make Brown Color More Darker​

If you would like to make your brown color a bit more dark than a normal brown, you can mix the black slowly until you get it as you are exactly looking for. As a result, you will get darker brown.

How To Make Chocolate Brown Color​

You can easily make the chocolate brown color by starting with the orange. Once you've taken the orange color, you can go ahead and start mixing the blue color slowly until you get to notice the expected chocolate brown color coming up and that's what you're actually looking for. One thing is, if you do not have the basic orange color in your stock, you can start making the orange by mixing the yellow and red colors at first. And then you can start mixing the blue to get your goal.

Why We Make The Brown Color By Mixing​

Sometimes, the exact and required colors can't be obtained by using the default colors. Sometimes, we need to use light brown, sometimes dark brown and in some other case, we need to use a bit complex brown color which is not possible by using the default color and which can only be possible with color mixing. So, if you want to customize the brown, you must go for the color mixing. That gives you the perfect result that you always expect.

Variations of Brown​

There are many variants of brown color that can be used for different types of painting. Some of the variations that are mentioned below –

  • Red-brown
  • Wenge
  • Beaver
  • Buff
  • Sandy brown
  • Beige
  • Burnt umber
  • Desert sand
  • Taupe
  • Khaki
  • Chocolate
  • Tan
  • Rosy brown
  • Walnut brown
  • Dark brown
  • Wood brown
  • Smokey topaz
  • Russet
  • Kobicha
  • Raw umber
  • Chestnut

Some Basic Information About Brown​

Brown is the color of the stone, earth, wood, and many things more. Brown is one of the relaxing colors that you can easily use in designing the materials of branding and marketing. On the other, if you would like to think about the art and scene drawing, brown is the most important color to use in painting. Because brown can express the real and natural world.

Video About How To Make Brown Color​

In this video, WikiHow showed you how you can easily make brown color by mixing some kinds of primary color. It's really a very easy and simple method. Check this out right now below –


If you're visiting this page means you're looking for a way about how to make brown color using some primary colors. And as far as I've shared the above guide, I hope you've already learned how you can do that. If you still any confusion or if you want to share any other feedback, please make sure to write in the comment section below.

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