Why Should You Change Your Passwords More Often?

Cybercriminals are finding it easier and easier to achieve what they set out to do. It is true that today’s security filters are more difficult to bypass; however, thieves are always one step ahead and find a way to obtain data or spoof identities.

Users have the ability to add even more difficulty to cyberattacks in their own hands. It is such a simple gesture that it can sometimes go unnoticed, but it is tremendously effective: changing passwords often.

Passwords continue to be the security element most used by users despite the fact that fingerprints or biometric controls have been gaining strength over the last few years.

This type of security filter makes it possible to verify that the user is who he really claims to be and not someone with malicious intentions. At first, the combinations should only be known by the interested party, but it is increasingly common to share them with the couple, close friends or leave them saved on the different devices.

This relaxation and false sense of security can create loopholes that cybercriminals can sneak through. Therefore, changing the access codes is a good way to keep intruders at bay.

Never Use The Same Password Again

Going by varying the combinations in the access codes of any account will be able to avoid bigger baddies. It is a very basic cybersecurity habit that is not always carried out.

By doing this every quarter, more or less, you can avoid identity theft, theft of personal or banking data or the keylogger , a technique that monitors keystrokes on the keyboard.

Follow These Tips to Have a Good Password

  • Don’t use personal information like names or significant dates
  • Combine random series of numbers, letters and symbols that are easy to remember
  • Avoid repeating passwords across multiple accounts
  • Convert vowels to numbers or symbols
  • Use a password manager, they are completely safe
  • The longer, the more difficult to hack

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