Changes Implemented in EA FC Mobile


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EA FC Mobile is the successor to FIFA Mobile, and it features a number of changes from its predecessor. Here is a list of some of the key changes:
  • New name and branding: EA FC Mobile is no longer affiliated with FIFA, so it has a new name and branding. This includes a new logo, user interface, and overall aesthetic.
  • More club and league licenses: EA FC Mobile features a wider range of club and league licenses than FIFA Mobile. This means that players can choose from a wider range of teams to play with and manage.
  • New gameplay features: EA FC Mobile includes a number of new gameplay features, such as improved graphics and animations, new skill moves, and new game modes.
  • New monetization system: EA FC Mobile features a new monetization system that is designed to be more fair and transparent for players. This includes the introduction of a new in-game currency called FC Coins.
Overall, EA FC Mobile is a significant upgrade from FIFA Mobile. It features a number of new and improved features, making it a more complete and enjoyable experience for players.

In addition to the above, EA FC Mobile also features the following changes:
  • New player rating system: EA FC Mobile features a new player rating system that is more realistic and reflective of real-world player performance.
  • New chemistry system: EA FC Mobile features a new chemistry system that is designed to make it more challenging and rewarding to build a strong team.
  • New event system: EA FC Mobile features a new event system that offers players more opportunities to earn rewards and improve their teams.
EA FC Mobile is still under development, but it has the potential to be the best mobile football game on the market.