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💰 Earn Money Solving Captchas 🤑

May 5, 2020 Tutorial
💰 Earn Money Solving Captchas 🤑

Nowadays, Earn money solving captchas , even if it seems odd, is a very stable method to earn money online . Just as you can earn money by watching ads or advertising, answering surveys, doing homework or mini jobs, you can also earn money by transcribing captchas .

Why spend time transcribing captchas? This way of making money has great advantages that are the following:

  • Registration and participation totally free.
  • This type of page is usually valid for users from anywhere in the world.
  • You will not need to invest money to start or withdraw your earnings.
  • There are always captchas to solve, you will never lack work to do.
  • The limit is set by you. You can spend a few minutes daily, a few hours or even dedicate yourself full time.

In turn, to cite some disadvantage of this way of generating income online, I would certainly highlight:

  • It is a somewhat monotonous and repetitive task. If you fall into boredom and lose your concentration, you will lower your performance and begin to fail to solve the captchas.
  • Although resolving and transcribing captchas is not too complicated, it is true that the income you can generate is somewhat low.

🔥 Best sites to earn money solving captchas

If you are looking for ways to work from home and start generating some extra income month by month, solve captchas in a good option to start.

Currently, in my view, the best pages to solve captchas and earn money are the following:

  • Kolotibablo: Earn money online by solving captcha
  • 2Captcha: Earn money solving captchas
  • ProTypers: Solve captchas and earn money

⌨️ But … what is a captcha?

A captcha is an encryption system of letters numbers or figures, used in order to rule out that the user of a particular page or service is a person and not a robot . This test has been implemented on the Internet since 2003.

In technical terms captcha means « Public and automatic Turing test to differentiate machines and humans «. It consists of a series of images with distorted letters and numbers that basically have to be identified and transcribed. Lately the level of complexity has been increasing, variations, major distortions and even noises are incorporated to make automatic resolution more difficult by computers, which is the ultimate goal of these captchas, to prevent robots, also called spambots, from using certain services or misuse them.

Before these changes I mentioned were frequent, the robots would enter into third-party accounts, simply entering random user codes and passwords until you find the right ones sooner or later. That is why captcha systems avoid spending resources with the registration of massive accounts, unwanted commercial promotion or spam, harassment or identity theft .

It is assumed that a machine cannot understand and enter the sequence correctly, so only the human is capable of doing so. With the introduction of this method, third parties can hardly make use of third-party accounts, as access will be prevented. However, the fact that these captchas have increasing difficulty also implies that they are more difficult for people to answer.

💰 Why do I get paid to solve captchas?

All of us sometimes, willingly or unintentionally, being aware or unaware, we have worked for Google in resolving captchas. This type of work is called ‘CrowdSourcing’ and consists of delegating small jobs among many people to solve a bigger problem. In this regard, some people presume that since the creation of the captchas, certain stages in which we have been participating have gone through.

There are many companies or platforms that need to sign up for large numbers of websites on the Internet. These companies and platforms can create automated software to register on websites, but do not have a technology to automatically stir these captchas . That’s where they need humans to solve them, that’s why people are paid to decipher these riddles and be able to flood the network with their advertising requirements.

  • 🔹 Did you know that when the ReCaptcha was created, technology applied by Google in 2009 where the ‘unknown’ was aimed at solving words taken from real documents, specifically documents extracted from old books and unknowingly digitized the entire newspaper archive of The New York Times .
  • 🔹 In 2014, different captchas, street names, house numbers, car identification, traffic signs began. It is believed that what was sought was to improve Google Street View, helping to more accurately adjust your maps.

As you can see, behind the resolution of captchas there is a somewhat hidden and uncertain purpose but that somehow benefits those who decide to employ part of the population, mainly from developing countries, to solve these ciphers of letters or puzzles so to speak some way. In return, those who provide their services obtain a profit that ranges from 80 cents to $ 1.20 per thousand decrypted captchas . It is not a very large amount but it seems enough compared to some forced and undervalued jobs in some countries or even other more professional but poorly paid jobs.

🤑 How much money can be earned by filling captchas?

I’m not going to cheat you, solving captchas you’re not going to become a millionaire but it can be a good method to earn extra money stably month by month.

On average, the payment rates that have this type of page are usually around $ 0.50 to $ 1.50 per thousand captchas that you solve successfully. This remuneration will depend on the page and also on the country in which you reside.

They may seem quite low figures but the advantage is that you will not lack captchas to solve ever . If you are agile and fast writing, you spend time daily I am sure you can generate quite acceptable income.

I know of people who generate about $ 150 – $ 200 per month just by solving and transcribing captchas. Maybe if you live in Spain or in some European country this figure does not seem too much. But if you are Latin American, this is a more than acceptable figure.

💬  Opinions about the way of earn money solving captchas

Although little is known about the origin, destination and usefulness of captcha resolution actions , the truth is that many of these services contribute to providing significant contributions in terms of software development, intelligent solutions.

This type of occupation fits very well with people without work or with young students who in their free time can work to get extra money in their pocket . Having a few dollars more at the end of the month is something that pleases and benefits anyone. Not forgetting that due to the economic situation of some countries in Latin America, this type of work has served many people to obtain extra income that helps cover their most basic expenses day by day.

You can be sure that if you are constant and applied and you dedicate hours and hours you will get good results in this type of pages. In some of them you can climb positions according to your efficiency. These pages are available to anyone anywhere in the world and can usually work them in a free and limited way. Now you just have to try which of these pages you feel most comfortable and comfortable and where you can earn more money in less time.

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